Basement Remodeling

Keep Your Ankeny Basement Finishing Dry and Enjoy the Additional Living Space

Protect Your Ankeny Basement Finishing Investment

When you are ready to bring your basement renovation ideas to life, be sure to reach out to a professional to assess your basement for moisture control. Many have wasted a lot of time and money turning their basement into the the family room, man cave or kids playroom without taking the necessary steps to ensure their investments is protected from the damaging effects of water can have in your Ankeny basement finishing project.

It’s not difficult to include a big quantity of living area to your house by finishing your basement. However, if your basement isn’t really dry, and does not remain dry, then your finished basement could be the source of ongoing repair headaches.

Even if your basement appears dry, there may still be a wetness problem and it might impact your entire house. The tiniest quantity of wetness could end up being a house for mold and mildew, which can worsen allergies and cause breathing issues, so keeping your basement dry is not almost damage to your drywall.

The issue is that there are a number of sources of wetness and you need to ensure they are all in check if you desire o keep your basement dry.

The biggest enemy of a dry basement is water that leaks in through fractures in the basement walls and floors. It is the nature of concrete to break with time and even your new basement walls and floors will crack eventually.

If you have not yet suffered a water leakage from a broken wall, it does not indicate your basement will stay dry. When the warmer air in your house contacts cold basement walls, condensation types and you have moisture in your basement.

So, what if you manage to seal and insulate walls so you don’t have to fret about leaks or condensation– then would you have a dry basement? Possibly for a while, but, as unavoidably as cracks will form in concrete, the pipes in your home will leakage. A plumbing leakage throughout your home can affect your basement.

Luckily, while it seems that it might be difficult to keep your basement dry, there is an option. Waterproofing your basement will stop water from entering your basement and it will recede any water from condensation and pipes leakages. Using a mix of sealants, drainage and pumps, waterproofing can keep even the wettest basement dry.

The basement waterproofing professionals at Clarke basement Systems understand the best ways to keep your basement dry.